Buy Electric Golf Carts for Sale with High Quality for bold Golfers

Buy Electric Golf Carts

Buy Electric Golf Carts- A golf automobile or golf buggy (called golf car in ANSI customary Z130.1, since “carts” aren’t self-propelled) may be a little vehicle designed originally to hold 2 golfers and their golf clubs around a course or on desert trails with less effort than walking.

The Germans believe golfers want a lot of “premium” mode of obtaining round the links. If you’ll be able to suspend your skepticism, the Mercedes-Benz vogue Edition Garcia Golf automobile makes a compelling case. Buy Electric Golf Carts.

Electrical trolley car for bold Golfers

Suppose yourself an obsessive golf player feeding that further spherical of golf all the whereas enjoying comfort and a spring in your step? Then, one among our TiCad E-trolleys would play an ideal companion.

Our batteries cowl a minimum of twenty seven holes that makes the traversing of vaster distances a cinch. All E-Golf trolleys are, by default, equipped with a specially built, economical drives: “Engineered and made in Germany”. The electrical drives are specially designed to satisfy the wants of a golf trolley. You’ll be able to accept our e-trolleys once golfing! Buy Electric Golf Carts.

Manual Trolleys for traditional Golfers

It goes while not language that we’ve a massive choice of manual golf trolleys future for you, too. Reckoning on your preference you get to decide on between Push-trolleys and Pull-Trolleys.

All our manual trolleys are made from metal and have cloth finished surfaces. The quality instrumentation includes animal skin handles, very little abrasion full foam tires, and a springy, removable titanium axis. Buy Electric Golf Carts.

Sports equipment for optimum Comfort

Be it a manual or electrical golf cart – the proper TiCad equipment can render your golf expertise as authentic and pleasant as can be. Due to simple transport you’ll be able to specialize in what very matters: A fun game and private success. Your golf trolley is supposed to accompany you each day, for a lifetime! Select your choose yet? Your trolley will aid you a great deal in creating your golf games easier on courses all round the world. Dive right in and notice simply the proper trolley car that may build on a daily basis on the course a highlight!

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Product Specification

Whole simple Move

Usage/Application Rental Service

Service Location Vatva GIDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Range Of Seat 4, 6 Seater

Sort of Golf Cart obtainable electrical

Speed management

  • Device (range up to 80-100 Yards) and Manual management
  • Regular forward advance function: 10, a pair of0, 30, forty yards



  • Power: 2 x two hundred Watt (400 Watt)
  • Twelve V DC electrical
  • Drive Train
  • Twin freelance transmission


  • Power: 12V, thirty three or thirty six Ah
  • Average Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Lifetime: ca. three hundred – four hundred charges


  • Input: 100/240V AC



  • 5.4 m/h (8.6 km/h)


  • ca. thirteen m/27+ Holes/6-8 Hours

Most Loads

  • Seventy seven Lbs (35kg)

Climb Ability

  • thirty degrees


 Full collapsed

  • Length     42″                  35″
  • Dimension       24″                  24″


  • Painted: Black, Si err

Extra Accessories

  • Cup Holder
  • Seat
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Carrying Bag


  • Dimensions: thirty four x 24″ x thirteen (88 x sixty x thirty one cm)
  • Gross Weight: sixty five Lbs (29 kg)

Adjective golf carts

New technology similar to the Solo Rider, an adjective golf cart designed for one user, is permitting disabled persons access to the course and also the game itself. The cart’s seat swivels around, extends to associate upright position, and permits the golf player to square upright, be supported, and swing victimization each hands.

Buy Electric Golf Carts | Buy Electric Golf Carts Online | Buy Electric Golf Carts For Sale | Buy Electric Golf Carts at Best Price

Custom-built golf carts

Golf carts could also be changed from their original configuration to perform like the growing quality of the facet by facet (UTV). Modifications as minor as suspension upgrades are commonplace, whereas entire redesigns might embrace axles and an engine from a full size automobile.

Some custom golf carts are galvanized by the skateboard, with all four wheels being driven and also the golf player dominant the cart in a very standing upright position as if riding skateboard, leaning left or right to create turns.

Star-powered golf carts

Solar golf carts are powered  by mounting a electrical phenomenon (PV) or skinny film panel on high of the present roof or employing a PV panel because the roof itself.  A controller converts the sun’ energy to charge the golf cart’ 36-volt or 48-volt battery bank. Not solely will the alternative energy take the take away the electrical grid, it additionally will increase the driving distance associated extends the lifetime of the batteries.

Star conversion kits are obtainable for golf carts and Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) for many years. These kits vary from low electrical power solar array chargers to a 410-watt array on an 8-passenger transport cart. Kits utilizing versatile solar panels are typically most well-liked on golf carts thanks to their lightweight weight and skill to evolve to the form of the cart roof. Consumers will take a solar reduction of 30% of the acquisition worth on their U.S. Federal financial gain Tax.


With the years of business experience, we’ve been ready to provide a good vary of battery operated loading carts. The battery operated loading carts that we provide are extremely appreciated by our valued purchasers for his or her optimum quality and flawlessness. We have a tendency to build battery operated loading carts obtainable in numerous dimensions and grades as per the necessity and demands of the clients. We offer battery operated line van, battery operated multi-utility vehicle with folding back seats, battery operated vehicle with s s bags box and battery operated vehicle with laugge carrier.  While not compromising in terms of quality, we have reasonable our battery operated loading carts.


Factory-made from high grade staple

Exactly styled


Low maintenance

Golf Carts Crafted For Quality

Railway car electrical or gas golf carts and private transportation vehicles supply high notch quality and unequaled versatility. By fusing automotive-quality materials with dynamic power choices and sleek designs, every PTV delivers the expertise you’d expect from the simplest golf carts within the industry.

With the fully customizable Onward, you’ll be able to design a car that not solely gets you wherever you’re going, however matches your style and temperament on the way.  Railway car has crafted a vehicle specifically designed to suit your each adventure, on the course or off.

Analysis and Development Center for electrical Vehicle Development

At Syrup Singh R&D Center, we have a tendency to frequently develop our vehicles to create them higher and a lot of advanced to contribute in creating a cleaner and greener world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make a greener tomorrow with technology that’s obtainable today. As a result of we build everything in-house at our producing unit, whether or not they are special work unit grade batteries or exclusively designed tyres – it offers U.S.  The pliability to make custom solutions for our clients.

We provide tailor-made solutions and are committed to exceptional quality at cheap prices.

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