Burgman 650-Executive the name is similar with two-wheeled luxury

Burgman 650-Executive

Burgman 650-Executive- For a complete generation of riders, Burgman 650-Executive has redefined the cycling experience.  In ways in which once unimaginable, it’s brought performance and luxury into alignment.

Its bestowed motorcyclists everyplace with new ways to deem the dual pursuits of pleasure and freedom.


Transmission: Automatic machine

Engine capacity: 638 cm3

Range of owners: one

Following the inspection: 07/2023

Condition: Used

Unharnessed year: 2007

LC coating: bronze

Mark: Suzuki

Body type: Scooter

The colour of the body: Black

Fuel type: hydrocarbon


Ornamental overlays




The Suzuki Burgman 650-Executivegot was a very luxurious maxi scooter.

Specification 2013-2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive

Torsion forty five lb-ft (Cycle World)

Is Burgman 650 good?

The Burgman 650-Executive may be a luxury, large-capacity super-scoot, with a strong, reliable 638cc parallel twin engine, swing out 54bhp. … The Burgman 650-Executive is a very little on the massive aspect for extremely hardcore town traffic-jam duties; however the nice steering lock helps get through several gaps.

The sensation is empowering.

On the open highway, the Burgman 650-Executive cruises in a very category of its own.

Such is that the abundance of power at hand that you’re each destination feels near. It’s exhilarating. And from the joyfulness is born inspiration.

The convenience with that you accelerate, downshift, and maneuver around traffic and thru each back road First State tour may be a tour de force.

With surefootedness that conjures up confidence and plush ride comfort that leaves you feeling sharp and relaxed long when you hit the road, the Burgman 650-Executive empowers you to travel abundant further.  

Styling style

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From every angle, the Burgman 650-Executive displays the exquisite craftsmanship, sensible technology, and superior quality that went into manufacturing this two-wheeled work of art.  As your eye traces the majestic bodylines, you see Associate in Nursing imposing expression of power and a glance of nimbleness. The fantastically contoured body produces an inventive interaction of sunshine and shadow. Details similar to sharply titled multi-reflector headlights additional exhibit the Burgman 650-Executive’s originality and sophistication. Even the smart, clean arrangement of controls and instruments helps to assure final comfort. Each detail is formed and positioned to stay you relaxed and fully in control.

Wanting sharp

Slim, sharply styled multi-reflector headlights announce the Burgman 650-Executive’s arrival and keep the road ahead in focus. They’re each lit whether or not you select high beams or low. Sparkling crystal rectifier position lights facilitate to heighten visibility,

As do flip signals within the rearview mirrors.

Rear refinement

Sparkling twin multi-reflector tail lights mix outstanding visibility with subtle styling that’s distinctive to the Burgman 650-Executive.

Clean appearance is similar with refinement. On the BURGMAN 650 they’re exemplified by symmetry in the controls and instruments and by unostentatious shapes and colors for everything the rider sees and touches.

Eco Drive Indicator

The Burgman 650-Executive options Associate in Nursing Eco Drive Indicator to encourage riding which will cut back environmental impacts. The Eco Drive Indicator light, placed on the instrument panel, will come back on once the vehicle is operated in a very fuel-efficient manner – and should facilitate riders learn techniques to enhance their fuel economy

Keep advised

Information is power; therefore the BURGMAN 650’s instruments keep the rider absolutely informed. Big, easy-to-read analogue dials for the meter and measuring system flank a alphanumeric display that shows an odometer, twin trip meters, a fuel consumption meter, a fuel meter, a fluid temperature indicator, a thermometer, a clock, Associate in Nursing oil level indicator, an car care indicator, a drive mode indicator (for drive mode and power mode), and a gear position indicator (for manual mode).

The next category of performance

The Burgman 650-Executive delivers performance with the maximum amount management as you desire.

Computerized fuel injection, a Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system, and an O2 feedback system with catalyze boost fuel potency and minimize emissions. Refined transmission setting and reduced mechanical losses contribute to boost fuel economy even more. Meanwhile, superlative management comes from a Suzuki Electronically-controlled unceasingly Variable Transmission (SECVT). By simply toggling buttons on the handlebars, you’ll opt for 3 distinct transmission modes: 2 absolutely automatic modes (Drive and Power) and Manual. Drive mode heightens potency at traditional road speeds and provides smooth, linear, virtually shock-free power delivery for simple riding.

Fantastically balanced

A hollow frame and aluminum-alloy swing arm position the engine and transmission for balance and agility. The frame inherits the long, 1585mm distance of earlier Burgmans for a sporty, manageable ride and encompasses a slimmer tail section for sleeker, sportier bodywork. Much wheel travel (110mm at the front and 100mm at the rear) helps to stay the ride sleek.

However the Burgman 650-Executive Performs

The Bergman 650 offers 3 modes of transmission: Manual, Drive and Power. Drive mode offers you a smooth and simple ride at traditional road speeds. It’s the antilock braking system (ABS), at the side of the floating front brake disc.

Suzuki Burgman 650-Executive Performance

Performance can even be measured by the consequences upon the environment. The sweetness of the Bergman 650 is its Eco Drive Indicator, showing once this maxi Scooter is riding in a very fuel-efficient way. Riders will then perceive a way to improve on fuel efficiency.

One in every of the items that stands out regarding the Burgman 650 is that the storage capacity. Beneath the seat may be a 50-liter compartment wherever 2 helmets may be stored. However if you would like to store alternative things in there, Suzuki offers a cable lock for your helmet. However that’ not all.

The Burgman 650-Executive conjointly has 3 compartments under the handlebars. These permit you to store your sunglasses, water bottle, a map or alternative requirements you may would like for the road ahead. There’ conjointly a DC outlet for your phone. It should be aforementioned that storage capability has actually improved since Suzuki 1st introduced the Burgman over twenty years ago.

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