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Yamaha Star Eluder- The Star Eluder is steam-powered by associate degree cool 113 volume unit (1854cc) V-twin fuel-injected engine, and options “Drive Mode” settings that alter throttle response, traction control, a heated seat for the rider and passenger, a fully-featured documentary system and more.  In conjunction with Yamaha’s notable quality, performance and reliability, these features mix to create the Star Eluder the foremost technologically advanced V-twin bagger bike with the right balance of contemporary features, style and emotional character.

Front rim: eighteen x 3.50

Rear rim: sixteen x 6.00

ABS: Standard, w/ connected braking


Wheelbase: 67.6 inches

Rake: 31.0°

Trail: 5.7 inches

Seat height 27.4 inches

Fuel capacity: 6.6 gal

Calculable fuel economy: thirty four mpg

Wet weight: 875 pounds (GT choice Package: 877 pounds)

2018 Yamaha Star Eluder costs (MSRP):

“We are terribly excited to introduce the Star Eluder as we tend to more expand our continental road bike line-up,” same the final Manager of Yamaha’s bike Group, microphone Doughty.  “With its aggressive styling and documentary technology in contrast to the other motorcycle in its class, it’ll really empower riders to elude conformity whereas experiencing the fun of the road.”

Light-weight cast alloy pistons, carefully-tuned twin counterbalances and advanced composite engine mounts mix to deliver the raw character of V-Twin engine performance while not excessive vibration.

A coffee center of mass characteristic is effectively achieved through the engine’s semi-dry-sump design, permitting the engine to take a seat lower within the frame, and an external oil tank that’s integrated into the aluminum sub frame to modify mass and cut back weight.  A compact oil cooler is hidden between the front frame down tubes to assist maintain ideal engine temperatures.

The new six-speed transmission options ratios chosen to create the foremost of the large low-end torque. Brisk acceleration in lower gears keeps the Star Eluder prepared for action, whereas road cruising at seventy five MPH in sixth gear is achieved at associate degree ultra-smooth 2,750 RPM.

 Yamaha D-Mode permits the rider to settle on from 2 completely different throttle response settings – an ultra-smooth touring mode, and a sport mode for grafter response.  The traction system helps forestall wheel spin once coping with reduced-traction road conditions, and a finely-tuned control system conjointly comes customary on the Star Eluder providing for snug cruising with improved fuel economy.

Storage capability

Split between the 2 saddlebags and also the front storage compartments, the Eluder has 18.8 gallons of area on the market for your gear. The 2 saddlebags hold nine gallons every and are utterly weatherproof. Purchase the accent bag liners, and you’re able to move from road to bedchamber with ease.

Adjustable ventilation

In cool weather we wish to lure a number of the cool engine’s heat within the cockpit, however once it’s hot, we want to flow cooler air in. The Eluder’s lower fairing has a non-automatic vent to try to simply that. Whereas the vent doesn’t mitigate all of the engine’s heat – significantly on the left facet – it makes an understandable distinction when opened in heat weather or closed on cool, damp days.

Documentary system

Long-distance travelers need access to a lot of information, and also the Eluder’s infotainment system delivers with a 7-inch screen situated getting ready to the rider’s line of sight on the dash.  Whereas the screen’s size makes it simple to accumulate the information you would like at a glance, the reach to the bit screen {is tools simply tools simply too} long to be sensible on a daily basis. Fortunately, Yamaha provided a handy button array on the left grip to create all of the system’s functions on the market with just your thumb. Apart from GPS navigation and plenty of information regarding the trip, the documentary system options your alternative of Pandora, Sirius, USB, AUX input, AM/FM radio, and CB radio.  You’ll hear your tunes via the fairing’s inbuilt speakers or through a wired helmet audio connection.

People who obtain an Eluder will wish to speculate within the traveler back rest; however you’ll conjointly opt for the additional lighting which is able to seriously brighten your night (under the lightest source and underneath the facet panel).

The Eluder doesn’t need an outsized input from the rider to initiate the corner—yes, it’s a giant bike however it’s astonishingly simple to hustle about—and it’ll amendment direction fleetly if you’re patient with it.

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